Liaoning 辽宁 Hongqi 红旗 3101 (Red Flag)

Model : Hongqi 红旗
Manufacturer : Liaoning Watch Factory 辽宁手表厂
Year of Production: 1976
Case Diameter : 
Weight w/o strap: g 
Movement Model : Standard Movement SZL1A (17 jewels) 
Type : Hand Wind 

Hongqi or Red Flag is the third Liaoning watch that I have acquired. In political context, a red flag is a symbol of left-wing, in particular, of Communism. (see wiki here if you want to know more). Hongqi, like jiefang,  was a popular term used in naming products like vehicles, household appliances,enterprises (such as Hongqi Watch Factory), etc including of course this watch.
The dial design of this Hongqi is clean and simple.At both sides of 6 o'clock marker are the words 中国 (China)  and 辽宁 (Liaoning).

It is powered by a 17J standard movement with "HONGQI SZL1A" marking on  balance bridge. "S"=Shoubiao, "Z"=Zhongguo, "L"=Liaoning Watch Factory and "1A" = no date movement.  Below the balance wheel, there is a date code of 0576L.  My other Liaoning watch, Kongque, has the code of 1186L. Judging from these two date codes, it is likely that Liaoning's convention in date coding is that the first 2 digits are for the month and the others  are for the year. 0576L should mean May (05) 1976 (76) Liaoning (L).

At the centre of the caseback are the words "红旗" which are the exact copy Chairman Mao's handwriting which he personally wrote for a magazine entitled the same started publication in 1958. Surrounding "红旗" are "3101" (the model number of this watch), "FANGZHEN" (anti-shock), "QUANGANG" (all stainless steel) and "辽宁手表厂" ( Liaoning Watch Factor).

Other shots are here:
1. The front;
2. The dial;
3. The movement;
4. The movement and the caseback;
5. The signed crown

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