Shanghai 上海 Budlet 春蕾 7524-301 (w/ decorated movement)

Model : Budlet (春蕾)7524-301
Manufacturer : Shanghai Watch Factory 上海手表厂
Year of Production:1978
Case Diameter : 
Weight w/o strap: g 
Movement Model : SS7 (19 jewels) 
Type : Hand Wind

My first Budlet is with model number 7524-207 (see this post).The is my second acquisition as a result of my relentless search for a Budlet with decorated movement.

The most obvious difference between the two is that this 301 is powered by a  rare decorated movement whilst the 207 is by plain movement. However, on closer look, the balance cock is not finished the same way as other plates and I suspect it might have been replaced. That said, it is not 100% decorated movement.

The bridge board of this Budlet is incised with "19 Zuan SS7" whereas the 207 is logo with "19 jewels" in English. It has a date code of "ED" which should mean 1978 ("E") April ("D"). This coding convention is slightly different with 207 in which the 207 is coded with 2 letters plus 3 digits, i.e. BB 967, the digits should be the batch number. Their casebacks are almost identical save that 301 is more decorated and elaborate than 207, particularly the logo at the centre of 301 caseback is filled with texture. I think the caseback with that texture is a more reliable indication that the watch has a decorated movement inside than what I said in the 207 post that model 203 or earlier would have a decorated movement.

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