Hongqi 红旗 Yan'an 延安 ZHQ-104

Model :Yan'an 延安 ZHQ-104
Manufacturer : Hongqi Watch Factory 红旗手表厂
Year of Production: 1970(s)
Case Diameter : 
Weight w/o strap: g 
Movement Model : Standard Movement (17 jewels) 
Type : Hand Wind 

The is another watch of Yan'an  延安 series by Hongqi Watch Factory 红旗手表厂 and it is my second Yan'an; the first Yan'an is ZHQ-105 and the post is here.

The movement of the ZHQ-105 is signed with "ZHQ" on the bridge board but the movement of this ZHQ-104 is "SHZ1"; in fact, under the balance wheel, it is engraved with "SHZ1A" . "SHZ" could mean Shoubiao Hongqi Zhongguo and may mean also Shanghai Zhongguo --- given that Yan'an earlier SHI series used SS1 from Shanghai Watch Factory, a Shanghai movement  in this ZHQ-104 is also possible. "1" may represent first model and "A" without calendar. Also, under the balance wheel, there is an "XH" which I don't really know what it represents.

The caseback is with a sporty steering wheel like circle. Inside the circle are the words "Yanan", the "Y" logo and "21600" and outside are "ZHQ-104", "FANGZHEN", "红旗手表厂" and "QUANGANG". The design has its own character and is totally different from the ZHQ-105.

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