Liaoning 辽宁 Kongque 孔雀 Automatic 37 J (Peacock)

Model : Kongque Automatic 3406
Manufacturer : Liaoning Watch Factory 辽宁手表厂
Year of Production: 
Case Diameter : 
Weight w/o strap: g 
Movement Model : ZL1C (37 jewels) 
Type : Automatic

This is the second automatic Kongque from Liaoning that I have acquired. The first one is a commemorative watch and the link is here. Kongque means peacock. 

On the dial, below the 12 o'clock  marker is the logo depicting a peacock. Above the 6 o'clock marker are  "33 Zuan" (33 Jewels) and "ZhongguoDandong" (中国丹东, China Dandong). Dandong is the city in Liaoning Province where Liaoning Watch Factory located. It is a city near the border between China and North Korea. Although 33 jewels is indicated, the rotor inside is signed as "ZL1C 37 Jewels" being a 37 jewels movement. Looks like there was QC issues then. Below the balance wheel, there is a code : 1186L. I am unable to decode it.

Centre of the case back is a peacock surrounded with the words: "自动  " (automatic), "日历" (calendar), "3406", "全钢 " (entirely stainless steel), "防震"(shock proof) and “辽宁手表厂” (Liaoning Watch Factory).

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