Shanghai 上海 Haishi 海狮 31122 (Sea Lion)

Model : Haishi 海狮 31122 (Sea Lion)
Manufacturer : Shanghai Watch Factory Nr 3 上海第三手表厂
Year of Production: Between 1969 - 1973
Case Diameter : 
Weight w/o strap: g 
Movement Model : 3SI (17 jewels) 
Type : Hand Wind

Haishi is a man's wacth by Shanghai Watch Factory Nr 3. Shanghai Watch Factory  Nr 3 started man's wacth production in 1969 and ended in 1973 , after which it only produced lady's watch. So, this Haishi must be made within that period.

It uses the slow beat SS1 movement of 17 jewels, like the one used in Shanghai 1120 and 1123 by Shanghai Watch Factory Nr 1. But, the coding is different from those of Shanghai Watch Fatory Nr 1 that this movement is signed with "3S1" ("SS1" in Shanghai Watch Factory Nr 1) and above it is "14" (Shanghai Watch Factory Nr.1 used two alphabets). In the "3S1", "3" could mean Shanghai Watch Factory Nr 3 and "S1" denotes "SS1" and the "14" could mean first year of production in the month of April; I am not entirely sure about this though.

The caseback is fascinating. The centre is a sea lion playing with a ball, which is the logo of this watch. The words on it are "上海第三手表厂" (Shanghai Watch Factory Nr.3), "FANGZHEN" (anti shock), "31122" and "QUANGANG" (all stainless steel). "31122" must be the design of this Haishi.

The movement shots are here:
Movement 1
Movement 2