Jinzhong 金钟 Yingchun 迎春

Model : Ying Chun 迎春
Manufacturer : Jin Zhong Watch Factory 金钟手表厂 (Golden Bell
Watch Factory)
Year of Production: 1970s
Case Diameter : 
Weight w/o strap:34g
Movement Model : ZTZA (17 jewels)
Type : Hand Wind
Anti-shock (Fang Zhen) : Yes 

Ying Chun (迎春) literally means receiving spring which is the most beautiful season in a year. This watch has its own character, particularly the grooved dial. The hour markers are also special. At the bottom of the dial, between 6-7 and 5-6 hour makers, there are words  中国which means China and 天津 which means Tianjin.

The caseback is inscribed with Jin Zhong (金钟); Jin Zhong Watch Factory is also a name for Tianjin Zhongbiao Factory (天津钟表厂) which is currently under the Sea-Gull Group. Jin Zhong means Golden Bell. Ying Chun Pai (迎春牌) means Ying Chun brand.

The movement is a 17J standard movement with 21600 bph. It is engraved with ZTZA on the bridge board. Z = Zhongguo (China), T = Tianjin, Z=Zhongbiao  being the code for Tianjin Zhongbiao Factory 天津钟表厂. It should come with an anti-magnetic shield but unfortunately this one does not.

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