Wuhan 17J

Model : Wuhan 武汉
Manufacturer : Wuhan Watch Factory
Year of Production:1984
Case Diameter : 34mm

Weight w/o strap: 36g
Movement Model : Standard Movement (17 jewels)
Type : Hand Wind
Anti-shock (Fang Zhen) : Yes

Wuhan Watch Factory is of course located in Wuhan  武汉, the capital of Hubei Province 湖北省. Hubei is a Central Chinese province. See wiki here.  It is the home of many battles from the Three Kingdoms "San Guo" period of Chinese history. (Have you watched the movie "Red Cliff" which shows one of the episodes in San Guo epic ?)  Hubei is also home of Yichang, site of the world famous Three Gorges Dam "San Xia Da Ba"三峡大坝 which is the world's largest hydro-electric dam. Unfortunately, Wuhan, at the time of this writing is bracing itself for the imminent arrival of floods from Yangtze River and Hanjiang River which has left 928 people dead and 477 missing. See news  here.

The caseback is engraved with a picture showing a sailing boat on  water s Hubei has thousands of lakes and is known as Province of Lakes. It is also crafted with the words "SANFANG" (三防),“KUAIBAI TONGJI” (快摆统机) means fast beat standard movement; 21600 bph (the slow beat standard movement is 18000 bph), "HUBEI" (湖北) and "WUHAN" (武汉). There is a code below of the balance wheel which is W 84. I think "W" means Wuhan Watch Factory and the "84" is year 1984, the year the movement was made.

The dial with profile in wavy patterns radiating from the centre forming a flower is unique.  Added with the stand-out "W" logo, the 3 D feel of the dial is enhanced.

More shots below, just click the links:
Dial 1
Dial 2
Movement 1
Movement 2
Movement and Caseback