Tianjin 天津 ST5 Sea-Gull 海鸥 I

Model : Sea-Gull 海鸥
Manufacturer : Tianjin Watch Factory (天津手表厂)
Year of Production:1973
Case Diameter : ??
Weight without strap: ??
Movement Model : ST5B (19 jewels)
Type : Hand Wind
Anti-Shock : Yes

This watch is by Tianjin Watch Factory(天津手表厂); it is a popular  item among the watch collectors. It has a pie pan dial and signed crown. The finishing of the stainless steel casing is above average vintage China Made watches. One can feel the quality once he has handled it.

The mover of this watch is the well known ST5. This is ST5B 19 jewels with date calendar ("A" is for ST5 without date; "B" for ST5 with date). The first ST5 was developed by Tianjin Watch Factory (天津手表厂), the predecessor of Tianjin Sea-Gull Watch Factory, in 1966. It was a slow beat version (18,000bph) and later, ST5 was upgraded to high beat (21,600 bph) version. The high beat version has stripes on the movement, like this one above. After launching of national standard movement , Tianjin was one of the few watch factories permitted to continue with their own movement. 

For more interesting information about Tianjin Sea-Gull Watch Factory, you can visit this link Tianjin Seagull.

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