Jinzhong 金钟 Zhufeng 珠峰 I (Mount Everest)

Model : Zhufeng 珠峰 (Mount Everest)
Manufacturer : Jin Zhong Watch Factory 金钟手表厂(Golden Bell Watch Factory)
Year of Production: 
Case Diameter : 
Weight w/o strap: g 
Movement Model : Standard Movement ZTZA (17 jewels)
Type : Hand Wind 

The caseback is absolutely spectacular. It has a running horse surpassing a flying bird with Zhufeng logo above. It is actually an ancient bronze display discovered from a tomb of a high ranking officer in 1969. It should be made in two thousand years ago and is now classified as national treasure of the republic.

The story is that the handsome horse was running so fast that it lifted itself from ground and stepped on a flying bird which was then shocked and turned up to look at the creature that was stepping on it. The display captured that very sensational moment. However, it is still unsettled that whether the bird was a swallow or an eagle.

My first watch from Jin Zhong Watch Factory is Yinchun (the post is here).Jin Zhong Watch Factory is another name for Tianjin Zhongbiao Factory (天津钟表厂) which is currently under the Sea-Gull Group. 

The movement is a 17J standard movement. It is engraved with ZTZA on its bridge board. Z = Zhongguo (China), T = Tianjin, Z=Zhongbiao  being the code for Tianjin Zhongbiao Factory (天津钟表厂) and A = movement with no date.This Zhufeng has an anti-magnetic shield.

More photos here:
1. the watch;
2. the movement and the caseback;
3. the caseback

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