Shanghai 上海 1524 - 823

Model : 1524 - 823
Manufacturer : Shanghai First Watch Factory
Year of Production: early 1970s
Case Diameter : 38mm
Weight w/o strap: 33g
Movement Model : SS1K ( 17 jewels)
Type : Hand Wind
Anti-shock : Yes

This watch is the production of Shanghai 1st Watch Factory in early 1970s. It is among the last productions of Shanghai 1st Watch Factory powered by SS1 movement. SS1 is one of the many products under the then ambitious national economic development with the slogan of “Surpassing the UK and the USA” (赶英超美). SS1's production began in 1966 and had been used in Shanghai watch model 1110 and 1120. It was later (in early 1970s) improved as SS1K with the beat of the escapement of 21600 bph and used for 1524.

The look of 1524 is very similar to 7120 (see my post here). A quick way to identify them is that 1524 is always marked as 17 jewels on the dial while 7120 is marked as 19 jewels.

The “SS1” is engraved on the bridge board.  The two alphabets at the top of "SS1" inscription represent the year and month of manufacturing respectively. For example, BD means second year and April. Since the first batch the movement was produced in 1966, A must mean 1966, B 1967 and so on. The first alphabet of this piece cannot be seen clearly and thus year of production cannot be determined, but the second alphabet is “L” which denotes December.

The case back is engraved with  the words "上海" and surrounded by a "上海手表厂" (Shanghai Watch Factory), ""FangZhen (anti shock)", "QuanGang (full stainless steel)", "1524" & "823". 823 is a code representing the design of this case.