Changsha 长沙 17J

Model : Changsha (长沙)
Manufacturer : Changsha Clock and Watch Factory (长沙钟表厂)
Year of Production: ??
Case Diameter : 
Weight w/o strap: g 
Movement Model : Standard Movement ZCS (17 jewels) 
Type : Hand Wind 

This is a watch by Changsha Clock and Watch Factory (长沙钟表厂)in Hunan (湖南) Province and Changsa (长沙) is the capital city of Hunan Province. Hu (湖) means lake and Nan (南) means south; it means south side of the lake: Lake Dongting (洞庭湖). There, at the north side of the lake, is Hubei (湖北)province; Bei (北) means north. My Hubei watch is here.

The other line of watch produced by Changsha Clock and Watch Factory was Youyi (友谊), meaning "friendship".

Changsha's logo is made up of "C" and "S" overlapped and superimposed onto each other and the idea of which, unlike other vintage watches, is quite contemporary.The hands of the watch are special and this is the only watch with such hands in my collection. It would definitely impress people if the hands were given a new lume.

Changsha watches were initially powered by Shanghai movement SS1, like the onse used in Shanghai 1120 watch, and later by this standard movement. Below the balance wheel is the code: Changsha logo with 312. I am not able to figure out the year of production from this code.