Nanning 南宁 Xiangshan 象山 17J (Elephant Hill)

Model : Xiangshan (象山)
Manufacturer: Nanning Watch Factory (南宁手表厂)
Year of Production: 1989
Case Diameter:
Weight w/o strap:
Movement Model : Standard Movement ZNN (17 jewels)
Type : Hand Wind
This is yet another piece of Chinese unique way of naming a watch. The brand is Xiangshan (象山) or Elephant Hill. This hill is also known as Xiangbishan (象鼻山) or Elephant Trunk Hill. It looks like a gigantic elephant dipping its trunk into the river. This is an icon of Guilin (桂林), one of the most scenic park in China about which there is an ancient saying: "桂林山水甲天下 " (Guilin is the most scenic park on earth).

In the logo, there is a knob on top of Elephant Hill. It actually depicts Puxian Pagoda (普贤塔)  which is situated on the hill top. It is an ancient pagoda built during Ming dynasty (1368-1644). See picture below:

A member of iwactch365 forum, 多功能, has taken a few photos of the wacth factory in his post and some of the photos are reproduced here: