Jilin 吉林 Meihualu 梅花鹿 XL Size

Model : Meihualu 梅花鹿
Manufacturer : Jilin City Watch Factory 吉林市手表厂
Year of Production: 
Case Diameter : 38mm
Weight w/o strap: 56g 
Movement Model : Pocket Watch Movement ( 17jewels) 
Type : Hand Wind

This is the second Meihualu  梅花鹿 that I have collected and is fair dinkum big.  For more information on Meihualu see link here. I call it a XL size watch; it has a 38mm diameter case that is 3 to 4 mm larger than the common men's watch. Standing beside it is a men's size Shanghai 7120; just to give a comparative perspective. The watch is that large because the movement inside is normally for pocket watch. It is weighed at 56g and heavier than the common size watches.

The pocket watch movement is a scale up of 17 jewels standard movement and is a slow beat movement at 19,000 bph. It is a clean movement with no factory nor date code.

The words at the caseback are QUANGANGKE (全钢壳,all stainless steel case ), FANGZHEN (防震, anti shock), MEIHUALUHUAIBIAOGAIZHI...oops..what a long pinyin. Let me decode it : MEI 梅 HUA 花 LU鹿 (Spotted Deer) HUAI 怀 BIAO表 (Pocket Watch) GAI 改 ZHI 制 (Modified) which as a whole should mean "modified from Meihualu pocket watch".

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