Jilin 吉林 Jixing 吉星 I

Model : Jixing 吉星
Manufacturer : Jilin Watch Factory 吉林手表厂
Year of Production: 1980s
Case Diameter :
Weight w/o strap:
Movement Model : ZJL (17 jewels)
Type : Hand Wind
Anti-shock (Fang Zhen) : Yes

This is military watch issued by Jilin Watch Factory 吉林手表厂. There is an interesting news in the internet regarding this watch, see the link here. There are few points in the news that are worthy noting, i.e.:
  • the watch was sold at USD235 in the auction in Hong Kong;
  • this watch was issued for military use in the war between China and Vietnam in 1984 after Shanghai watch model 1120 for military use had ceased its production;
  • this watch used high grade stainless steel imported from the UK and was 20% heavier than Shanghai 1120 and applied with the best chrome plating technique at that time;
  • there were 4 models, i.e. round case, square case with golden dial, square case with golden dial & luminous markers and square case with black dial [but the two round case of mine are with luminous markers];
  • the black dial is for senior ranking officers and, due to technological constraint in printing words onto black dial, there was no the words "军用” on it; 

The movement is inscribed with "ZJL17Z": "Z" = Zhongguo (China), "JL"=Jilin and "17Z" = 17 Zuan (17 jewels). It is an 17 jewel standard movement by Jilin Watch Factory. Below the balance wheel, there is date code of J941 (first watch at the front),  J953 (third watch from the front) and as for the last one I still can't open it. What about the second watch from the front ? You can see that, unlike others, the crown is not signed with "J". This is a not a good sign. When it was opened, therein was a movement inscribed with "ZTZA", "ZTZA" is for Tianjin Zhong Biao Chang (Tianjin Clock and Watch Factory ; see my post on  Yingchun watch), and not from Jilin!

For more shots, see links below:

Caseback 1
Caseback 2
the Jixing with ZJL17Z movement
the Jixing with ZTZA movement
 ZLJ17Z movement

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