Beijing 北京 SZB-1

Model : Beijing 北京 SZB-1
Manufacturer : Bejing Watch Factory
Year of Production:1974
Case Diameter : 

Weight w/o strap:37g
Movement Model : SZB (17 jewels)
Type : Hand Wind
Anti-shock (Fang Zhen) : Yes

This is my first Beijing watch. Beijing Watch Factory is China's most prestigious watch manufacturer producing a range of watches of a quality and technical sophistication unrivaled by any other Chinese manufacturers. See wiki here for more information about Beijing Watch Factory.

Beijing Watch Factory logo on the dial is the historic Tiananmen 天安门 and the caseback is also interesting: there is a sun and an ancient equatorial sundial. See this link for ancient sundials in Beijing.

The watch is powered by 17J standard movement with manufacturer code of "SZB-1" on it. "S" = Shoubiao 手表 (Watch), "Z"= Zhongguo 中国 (China) and "B"=Beijing 北京. The date code below balance wheel is "B74", which should mean "B"=Beijing and "74"= year 1974. 1974 is not long after the standard movement being successfully developed in 1971  [Information on standard movement see this link here]. It is also a fast beat movement of 21600bph. It surprised me when I saw the movement was held by double metal holders in that the holders themselves were already thicker than the others  that I had seen. See the 'big pictures' link below for the movement holders.

The 'big pictures':

Date Code below Balance Wheel
Movement 1
Movement 2
Double Movement Holders

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