Tianjin 天津 ST5 Sea-Gull 海鸥 III - White Logo

Model : Sea-Gull 海鸥
Manufacturer : Tianjin Watch Factory (天津手表厂)
Year of Production:1970s
Case Diameter :
Weight w/o strap: g
Movement Model : ST5A (19 jewels) 
Type : Hand Wind

This is my third Sea-Gull watch. It is powered by a ST5A movement. See my earlier post about ST5 movement in Sea-Gull here. In the post, it was said that ST5 movement with decorative stripes is the high beater. In the other post on Dongfeng, it was also said that movement signed with ST5 is a fast beater 21600bph and whereas the one signed with "东风” is a lower beat movement 18000bph. I have verified these two statements by putting the ST5 with and without stripes at my ears and can confirm that they tick at the same beat and therefore can confirm that a movement signed with ST5 is always the fast beater regardless whether it has stripes or otherwise.

The logo in white is special and more so when the hands are in white too. Black dial with white logo and hands is contrasting. However, there is a little imperfection that the words on the dial are not as bright as the logo and the hands. Otherwise, it would be one of the most outstanding pieces in my collection.

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