Jinzhong 金钟 Zhufeng 珠峰 III (Mount Everest)

Model : Zhufeng 珠峰 (Mount Everest)
Manufacturer : Jin Zhong Watch Factory 金钟手表厂(Golden Bell Watch Factory)
Year of Production: 
Case Diameter : 1983
Weight w/o strap: g 
Movement Model : ZCQ (17 jewels) 
Type : Hand Wind

This is the third Zhufeng watch that I have had and they are Zhufeng I and Zhufeng II. This Zhufeng is so special that it has hologram on its dial which projecting the image of the Goddess of Mercy: Guanyin (观音) or Guanshiyin (观世音), a popular goddess, or budhisattva, among Chinese people particularly those outside China. See wiki here.  If you are familiar with Chinese tea, you will know that one of the variety of oolong tea is named after the goddess as Tieguanyin (铁观音).

The caseback of the watch is still with its seal. Beneath the seal it is engraved with a running horse surpassing a flying bird with Zhufeng logo, the same engraving as in Zhufeng I.

Zhufeng is a product of Jin Zhong Watch Factory and the standard movement of which is ZTZA. However, the movement of this wacth is ZCQ which is from Chongqin Wacth Factory.