Guangzhou 广州 17J

Model : Guangzhou 广州
Manufacturer :  Guangzhou Watch Factory 广州手表厂
Year of Production:
Case Diameter :
Weight w/o strap:g
Movement Model : M (17 jewels)
Type : Hand Wind
Anti-shock (Fang Zhen) : Yes

Guangzhou 广州 is also known as Canton in English. This is not the only Cantonese I have; my first encounter with the Cantonese is "Mingzhu" 明珠; ee my earlier post about Minzhu here. This watch is, like the Mingzhu, powered by 17 J standard movement. However, it is engraved with "M" instead of "广州" logo that I saw in the other Guangzhous. Mixed up in the production ( as Mingzhu and Guangzhou were from the same Guangzhou Watch Factory) or changed by the previous user/seller ? I think the former  is more likely to have happened than the latter. Like Mingzhu also, there is no date code below its balance wheel; this is probably the intended omission of Guangzhou Watch Factory.

On the dial, the Cantonese can never disappoint me as it has a thick and solid logo on it which pleases my eyes.

The centre of the caseback is the logo which is derived from the name of the factory  itself, i.e. 广州. Below the logo are the words " 中国“ (China) and  ”广州“(Guangzhou). Above the logo, is of course the "Guangzhou".

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