Hongqi 红旗 Yan'an 延安 ZHQ-105

Model : Yan'an 延安 ZHQ-105 
Manufacturer : Hongqi Watch Factory 
Year of Production:1970s
Case Diameter : Weight w/o strap:37g 
Movement Model : ZHQ (17 jewels) 
Type : Hand Wind 
Anti-shock (Fang Zhen) : Yes 

This is my first watch from Hongqi Watch Factory 红旗手表厂 . This model is named after Yan'an 延安, one of the places where the Chinese civilization started  around five thousand years ago. In contemporary history, Yan'an is the end of the Long March of the Chinese Communist army and, of course, the beginning of the revolution. It was made as the headquarter of the army and thus it represents a symbol of the heroic phase of the revolution 革命圣地. See the wiki link here for more information about Yan'an.

The movement is a 17 jewels standard movement signed with ZHQ; Z = Zhongguo (China) and HQ = Hongqi, a 21600 bph movement. Below the balance wheel, there is a code of "UH" which I don't know what it represents.

The case back  inscription has its own character. The model name "Yan'an" is placed at the centre and surrounded with the words "ZHQ", "Quangang" (全钢, all stainless steel), "红旗手表厂" (Hongqi Watch Factor), "Fangzhen" (防震, anti shock) and "ZHQ-105". 105 is design of the watch model.

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