Nanjing 南京 Zhongshan 钟山 (Mount Zhong)

Model : Zhongshan 钟山 (Mount Zhong)
Manufacturer : Nanjing Watch Factory
Year of Production: 1980s
Case Diameter : 34mm
Weight w/o strap:34g
Movement Model : SN2 (9 jewels)
Type : Hand Wind
Anti-shock (Fang Zhen) : Yes

Zhongshan watches are notable for their variety of dial design. The watches were developed with affordability in mind. Zhongshans were for the common people and as an alternative to the more expensive standard movement such as the then famous Shanghai watches.

Its movement is a 9 jewels movement by the factory. It is known as SN2 where "S” for Shoubiao (手表) which means watch and “N” for Nanjing Watch Factory. Note the unique anti-shock ring from Nanjing Watch Factory.

The predecessor of Nanjing Watch Factory, Jiangnan Clock Factory (江南造钟厂) was formed in 1956 and relocated to Zhijinshan (紫金山) in 1957. At there, the first batch of watches Zhijinshan model (紫金山牌) were produced. In 1959, the company was split and Nanjing Watch Factory was established thenafter. Nanjing Watch Factory since its formation till 1960 had developed movement in 5 jewels known as SN1 but had low quality. Around 1974, 9 jewels Zhongshan, based on from SN1, was finally completed and mass production started. Zhongshan watch was at its glorious peak between 1976 and 1984, in 1984 for example 2,200,000 pieces of watches were churned out. The factory later developed SN3 movement which looks like standard movement but actually not and also SN4 for woman watch.Nanjing Watch Factory stopped producing Zhongshan movement but movement for Sea-Gull after being acquired by Sea-Gull in 2007.

The dial has striped pattern with four butterflies from the centre, interesting  dial design. The dial of this watch is printed with “Zhongshan”. There are dials with “钟山“ instead of the pinyin "Zhongshan". The “钟山“ on those dials were handwriting of Mr. Mao and had been used since in 1970s. In 1980s, the  “钟山“ were dropped and replaced with the pinyin "Zhongshan".

The caseback is engraved with logo " 钟山" and surrounded with words "Quan Gang" (全钢)(All stainless steel), "Fang Zhen” (防震)(anti-shock).