Hangzhou 杭州 Xihu 西湖 (West Lake)

Model : Xihu 西湖 (West Lake)
Manufacturer : Hangzhou Watch Factory (杭州手表厂)
Year of Production:1982
Case Diameter : 34mm
Weight w/o strap: 35g
Movement Model : ZHZ (19 jewels)
Type : Hand Wind
Anti-shock (Fang Zhen) : Yes

Xihu, a watch by Hangzhou Watch Factory. Xihu or West Lake is a scenic lake, a pride of Hangzhou and indeed of China. The beauty of Xihu has much been the subject of artist and scholars since thousands years ago; it has also been associated with heroes and revolutionary martyrs; thus embracing many aspects of Chinese culture. No wonder Hangzhou Watch Factory picked that name for the watches it produces in addition to Yingxiong (英雄) and Hangzhou(杭州) models.

The case back is inscribed with a pciture surrounded with words “杭州手表厂”(Hangzhou Watch Factory), “全钢”(all stainless steel) and “防震“(anti-shock). The landscape, I think, depicts one of the famous “Ten Scenes of West Lake” (西湖十景) which is known as “The Autumn Moon of the Peaceful Lake” (平湖秋月).

This watch is powered by 17 jewels standard movement (统机). The factory identification code is ZHZ. "Z" means "Zhongguo" (中国) and “HZ” means "Hang Zhou" (杭州). Below the balance wheel, it is engraved with "ZHZ 824" date code. My guess is that  82" means year 1982 and "4" means April.