Shanghai 上海 Jinling 金铃 (Golden Bell)

Model : Jinling 金铃 (Golden Bell)
Manufacturer : Shanghai Clock & Watch Parts Factory (上海钟表零件 厂)
Year of Production:1994
Case Diameter : 31mm 
Weight w/o strap: 31g 
Movement Model : SZN (17 jewels) 
Type : Hand Wind 
Anti-shock (Fang Zhen) : Yes 

This is a lady's stainless steel watch in the size of 31mm diameter. The caseback is engraved with Jinling logo surrounded with words “FANG ZHEN”(anti-shock), “金铃“,”Quan Gang”(all stainless steel) and “上海钟表零件厂”. 

The movement is a 17 jewels standard movement (统机) with a factory code of "SZN "; "SZN" should be from Nanchang Watch Factory (南昌). "S" is "Shoubiao” (手表)which means watch; "Z" stands for "Zhongguo" (中国) which mean China and "N" should mean "Nanchang" (南昌). Below the balance wheel, there is a date code of "NC94" which I think "NC" stands for Nanchang and "94" should mean year 1994. So, this is a watch produced by Shanghai Clock and Watch Parts Factory with an outsourced Nanchang movement.