Shanghai 上海 Jinji 金鸡 (Golden Rooster)

Model : Jinji 金鸡 (Golden Rooster)
Manufacturer : Shanghai First Watch Factory
Year of Production: 1999
Case Diameter : 35mm
Weight w/o strap: 36g
Movement Model : SZH ( 19 jewels)
Type : Hand Wind
Anti-shock : Yes

This is a product of Shanghai First Watch Factory. There are many variants of Jinji watch, particularly in respect of dial design and movement type. Many Jinjis' dials are with printed logo but this one's is with a solid logo on it which makes this Jinji stand out from the others.

Like many other China Made watches, it has an interesting case back. The engraved Jinji logo bordered with circular band filled with “SS7”, “SHANGHAI”, “防水”(water resistant) and “上海手表厂”(Shanghai Watch Factory) is impressive.

Although the case back engraved with SS7, the movement inside is actually ZSH; the only imperfection of this watch. ZSH which is a standard movement (统机) of China and was known as SS7 in early 1970's. “Z” stands for ZhongGuo or China (中国), “S” for Shang and “H” for Hai (Shanghai 上海). Below of the balance wheel of the movement, there is “中国上海”and also date code “OF”. “O” represents fifteenth year production from 1974 which is 1999 and “F” means June. So it was produced in June 1999. This 19 jewel ZSH is a 21600 bph movement and has been running well.